How to Find the Best Water Filter for Your Home

Water filters are very popular with many households. You will find yourself saving a lot of money by purchasing a water filter. Instead of buying bottled water it is a lot more affordable to buy a water filter and just replace the filter when necessary.

How to Find the Best Water Filter for Your Home

When I first decided to purchase a water filter, I did not realize how many options there are currently available. There are a few things that you will want to look for when shopping for a water filter and a few things that you will definitely want to stay away from.

The first thing that you need to decide is what you need to filter out of your water. The type of chemicals and bacteria that can be found in water varies depending on where you are located. Since water contamination can get worse over time, there is no need to have your water tested.

Within a month after testing your water supply can suddenly become contaminated with something that was not there before without you even knowing. Where your water comes from can also play a huge role in the type of filter you need. If you have well water your water can easily become contaminated with bacteria and parasites.

This does not mean that you can not have these types of items in a municipal water supply they are just more common in well water.

If you own your own home you may find it to be a good idea to install a filter on your main water line. This way your water will be filtered as it is coming into your home. You can use this type of water filter in conjunction with the faucet filters to give yourself an even bigger safety cushion.

It is not necessary to still use the sink filters if you are using a main water line or whole house filter. These types of products will be a bit more expensive initially and will have to be installed by a professional.

Another type of water filter are the under sink filters. These are very easy to install yourself and can be found at your local home supply stores. It is important that you choose an under sink filter that will take out contaminates. Be sure to read the label on the product before you purchase it or ask a sales associate at the store.

The third option is a faucet mounted filter. These are the most affordable and easiest to install. You can find these types of items at your local Wal-Mart, or Target, store. You can also find it at your local home supply store. You will need to make sure that you change the filter regularly.

Regardless of which one you choose be sure to do your homework. You will want to take the time and research each product thoroughly and find out which offers you the most affordable option, and one that works the best. There are plenty of reviews on the various filters that are available for purchase.

Remember that by taking the time to research before you purchase you will be saving yourself a lot of money in the long run.


Eco-Friendly and Green Product Choices for Mom and Baby 

Today I’d like to share some startling facts that you should be aware of when choosing cotton products.


Here are some true but frightening facts about American cotton that many people are not aware of:

  • 55 million pounds of pesticides are sprayed on cotton fields before it is harvested
  • Only 10% of the chemicals within cotton are completing any purpose. Studies have shown that these chemicals simply get into the air, water and plants of the earth and of course eventually into our skin and bodies.
  • It takes 1/3 of a pound of pesticides to create enough cotton for only one t-shirt

These facts are disturbing and frightening. Since you now know the dangers of non-organic cotton, you will never want to use anything but organic cottons again for your newborn baby.

However, in time, these facts and statistical studies are only going to increase and become more readily available as insect’s tolerance levels increases and the acres of cotton increases as well.


As you can imagine, there are enormous health risks as well as environmental risks and damage associated with the use of pesticides and harmful chemicals that we are told are only being used to “cleanse” the crops of harmful insects.

Although it can actually be more expensive to grow an organic crop today because of the greater care which must be taken in order to make sure the crop is not infected with insects or airborne diseases that pesticides would generally take care of, it is well worth it.

Many farmer’s are now being given more incentives to create all-natural organic crops. These organic crops are becoming a godsend since they’re actually reducing the side effects of chemicals and pesticides that escape into our air, the food we consume and the fabrics we place on our bodies.

If you are a new mother you now have a ton of options. Many retailers are readily selling organic towels and blankets for babies.

There are also more organic personal care product on the market simply because manufacturers have realized that we are becoming more educated about the environment and how important healthier products and ingredients are – not only for our health, but for the health of our families.

Good habits never die. Making healthier choices are becoming easier with the popularity of eco-friendly, green products. This is a simple choice which is becoming more and more affordable for not only new mothers, but the average individual. Healthier choices are a better choice.


Contact Paper

Contact Paper and Its Many Uses

I remember growing up when contact paper was all the rage, but the strange thing is I don’t recall it ever being used. The only time I had used contact paper was when I had a stupid leaf assessment for science class. Only after I got a house of my own did I discover all the reasons contact paper was a rage.

Contact Paper

There are so many uses for contact paper, I thought I’d share some I’ve learned in my time.


  • Contact paper is great for covering books with. You can use clear to make sure the cover shows, or use a pattern to make it match anything you desire. It will help the book last longer.
  • Contact paper is great for wallpaper. My tiny downstairs bathroom I used marble contact paper to wallpaper it. I had purchased the contact paper on sale, and it was much cheaper then any wallpaper.Contact Paper Table
  • Contact paper is useful for ugly countertops, and simply wonderful for the splashguard too.
  • Contact paper can be used as a border, or for like my kitchen I cut out sunflowers from the contact paper, and used those to create my own border with.
  • Plain old front doors or even backdoors can be dressed up with contact paper. Don’t just use one pattern, mix it up a bit. Make your door appear as wooden with wood printed contact paper. From plain old steal, to wood in a matter of minutes with contact paper. (Be sure to read the tips section for another idea of style.)
  • If you have an ugly old refrigerator, or stove, you can use it on the sides of the stove and on the front of the refrigerator door. This spices up the room, and can even be changed with seasons should you wish to.
  • Contact paper can be used for covers/skins on your laptop.
  • Contact paper is great for kids too, like the previously mentioned leaf collection, you can make sun catchers too.
  • Another use for contact paper is placemats. Pick your theme or use it to seal in something with clear.
  • If you have ugly kitchen cabinets, throw some contact paper up.
  • Contact paper makes excellent shelf liners. Keeps your dishes clean, and when it’s time to do the yearly spring cleaning, wipes away dust in a flash.
  • Preserve old photos, death notices, kids projects, report cards, and more with clear contact paper. Be sure its totally sealed all the way around.
  • Create interesting window art with frosted contact paper.
  • Create window blinds to match small windows.
  • Cover old boxes like shoe boxes, or laundry soap boxes with contact paper, and fill with samples for a creative gift basket.
  • Cover any jar or can with contact paper to create a pencil holder.
  • Create a memory game with clear contact paper. Simply make the cards on your computer with images from, print them out and cover both sides. One side with a color the other side with clear.

Find various wooden patterns of contact paper and cut strips out. Use that as a cover for a dresser, or even half a wall as wallpaper.

  • Contact paper is sold nearly everywhere, from your local Giant Eagle, to Ebay, Wal-mart, Home Depot and
  • Using contact paper to decorate is an excellent idea, and cheap but can leave behind a sticky film when removed. Be sure to purchase Goo Gone.


When Your Gall Bladder Attacks

Nothing ruins the day like a gallbladder attack. After eating greasy or fatty foods, you may notice that you can’t even walk upright due to the pain. Since a gallbladder attack may lead to other health problems, it’s important to know the symptoms so that you will seek treatment when necessary.

What Is a Gall Bladder Attack?

The gallbladder, located just beneath the liver, stores bile that the liver secretes. After a meal that consists of a lot of fat, the liver sends bile to the intestine to aid in digestion of the fatty food.

Gallstones may form when the bile in your gallbladder hardens and, although they are most often harmless, these stones can sometimes block the bile duct or cause inflammation of the gallbladder. When this happens the pain can be intense and other organs, such as the pancreas, can be affected.


Aside from severe abdominal pain, symptoms of a gallstone may also include nausea and vomiting, as well as a fever and chest pain on the right side. The pain may spread to your back, between your shoulder blades, and your gallbladder may even be tender when you touch it.


If you have a gallbladder attack, lie down with the left side of your body elevated by a pillow. The attack may last for as little as 15 minutes or remain through the entire day.

Many people who have gallstones aren’t even aware they have them, since they most often don’t cause symptoms. And just because you have a gallbladder attack doesn’t necessarily mean you will ever have another.

Because of this, your doctor may choose the watch and wait method, advising you to change your diet to see if this helps in the attacks. However, a second gallbladder attack usually means that you will continue to have them. At this point, your doctor may wish to perform surgery to remove the gallbladder.

Surgery to remove the gallbladder usually is done by laparoscopic, consisting of small incisions whereby the surgeon can identify and clip the vessels and duct going to the gallbladder. Then the gallbladder is removed and the incisions are closed.

There are usually no complications after the surgery, and your body can function well without the gallbladder.


If you have had a gall bladder attack, the best way to avoid another is through diet and exercise. Eat low-fat, low-cholesterol foods and limit refined sugars. Begin an exercise routine, since being overweight increases your risk for gallstones.

Healthy lifestyle and clean air help to prevent any kind of diseases. Find a good ozone generator and breathe the better air for your health.



Organic Towels Vs. Traditional

It seems that many people are looking for ways to become more green friendly. Not only does it seem to be beneficial for the environment, but it also seems to be very beneficial for your health as well. What about when it comes to your bath towels? Does it really make a difference which one you choose to buy?
There are definitely plenty of benefits when it comes to buying organic bath towels. The best plus is that the organic towels seem to be a lot softer. They also seem to stay that way for a longer period of time, when compared with regular bath towels.

Organic Towels

Usually after a few washes with regular bath towels you will have to use fabric softener in order to restore their soft fluffiness. With pure organic towels you will find that the fabric softener may not be necessary until at least wash number ten. At least that has been the case in my experience. Organic bath towels can either be made of cotton or a bamboo blend. So prior to shopping for your organic towels you will want to do a bit of research on the different organic varieties to see which one would be best for your family.

Also what many don’t realize is that cotton is grown using chemicals. These chemicals stay on the cotton as they are processed, and get passed down to the materials as well. Many of the chemicals used on cotton like pesticides can even make you sick with several different diseases.

This is not to say that there are no benefits to buying regular bath towels made out of cotton. The first thing that you will probably notice when going to look at organic bath towels is the price. The price for organic bath towels seem to be a bit more expensive than buying regular cotton towels. Also not all organic towels are bad. It really depends on how they are made and the entire process that can make them bad and cause people harm. Yet another plus to buying organic towels is that they are hypoallergenic which means that they are great for those who have allergies.

So the bottom line is that the organic bath towels are clearly a lot healthier than the regular bath towels. You need to deicide which is the better option for you. If your budget does not allow you to buy organic towels than you may want to consider saving up for it


Going Green with Eco Friendly Batteries

Eco friendly batteries are available for those who know how to spot them. Most battery producers will admit that there’s no such thing as truly eco friendly batteries, but they all agree we can go green by using rechargeable batteries. This article will give advice on eco friendly batteries and how to go green by using them.Eco Friendly Batteries

Let’s face it. We use batteries every day, for our TV remote controllers, or garage clickers, and most household appliances. Our children use batteries too, in their play toys and gadgets. But at the end of the day, when the batteries run dry, we throw them down the garbage. These disposed batteries, which contain many chemicals and even some content of heavy metals. They are not biodegradable and cannot even properly disposed of by incineration. They end up in landfills, their chemicals leaking and poisoning the land.

Rechargeable Batteries

The answer then, to have eco friendly batteries, is to use rechargeable. They may store less electricity per charge than a conventional alkaline battery, but their numerous charge cycles makes them ideal for those of us conscious to go green. According to Green Batteries, a good lithium ion rechargeable battery will last through hundreds Charge cycles before its ability to recharge diminishes.

When choosing rechargeable batteries, there are also some considerations to bear in mind. Not only should eco friendly batteries not harm the environment when they’re disposed of, they should also not harm the environment when they are manufactured. A key component to remember is that to go green, we must concentrate not only on the effects of our actions, but the effects of the actions of companies we support. You should only buy rechargeable batteries from eco friendly battery companies.

Eco Friendly Battery Habits

When you go green with eco friendly batteries, you should also change your battery disposal habits. Using rechargeable batteries only half solves the problem because they still need to be disposed of. Some eco friendly battery companies offer a recycling program for their used batteries. Consider locating the nearest used battery bin and depositing your spent batteries there. This is one way to go green by taking positive action. Alternatively, you can send your spent batteries for recycling via mail.


Five Great Eco-Friendly iPhone Applications

There are a lot of ways you can go green in the world to make the environment a healthier and safer place. When you think of environmentally friendly changes, you might not realize that this could include using technology to help out. If you are looking for a new way to go green this year, you might consider iPhone applications. Here are the top five iPhone applications that can help you go green and which will save you money and help the environment.

The Green Meter

The Green MeterThe Green Meter is a great application you can get for your iPhone that will enable you to become more environmentally friendly. This application tracks the fuel and power usage of your car and can help you determine how to maximize efficiency. The application will show you how you can change your driving habits, which will cut the cost and carbon footprint your vehicle leaves behind. One of the great things about the Green Meter application is that you do not have to have GPS in order to track your driving habits.

You can find this application at the iPhone Apps Store for 6 dollars and it is good for anyone looking to better their driving habits.

Get Green

Get Green is also a great iPhone application you could use this year to make yourself more environmentally friendly. This application is great because you receive a green tip everyday using a date-based system. This application will allow you to get tips for all areas of your life that you can change to become more environmentally friendly. You can also spread the word about each tip by emailing the messages you get to your friends or family. You can get this application at the iTunes store for one dollar and it really will come in handy for people looking to change their routine in order to be green.

Good Guide

Good GuideGood Guide can come in handy and it is free as well at the iTunes application store. This application can assist you on making green decisions while you are out and about. It is the mobile version of the Good Guide website, which rates and recommends products that are environmentally friendly.

If you want to buy a cleaning product for example, you can look on this application and see what products are environmentally friendly and where they rate on the recommendation scale. This is a great application for people who do not know much about environmentally products and do not want to waste their money on useless products.

The Green Lemur

The Green Lemur is also a great iPhone application to promote environmentally friendly habits. This application can guide you in living a greener lifestyle by promoting small changes in your daily life. You can get information about recipes or browse any topic using the database in the program. The tips and information are all easy to understand and it is all very well organized. This application can tell you about flowers or trees to plant for a cooler house in the summer or it can tell you how to use cards made from recycled paper.

This application for the iPhone is great for anyone looking for information on various aspects of going green and it is so easy to use that it is great for all ages. You can get this application at the iTunes store for free, which is also a plus.

3rd Whale Mobile

3rd Whale Mobile should also be on your list of green iPhone applications to consider this year. This application is location-based and it will connect you to all of the green businesses in your area. You can search within the six categories or browse by just location to see what your area has to offer. You can also select whether you are traveling by car, bike or foot to get the closest locations to your destination and traveling means. The application also will allow you to rate and review the businesses around your area while also providing directions on a business that you might not be familiar with.

This is a great application for those who are not familiar with what to look for in a green business or are unsure of surrounding areas. If you have just moved into a new city or state, this application will really help you get to know the green businesses around you. You can get this application in the iTunes store and it is free, which makes it a great choice for people on a budget.


Treating Ulcerative Colitis: Why to Explore Alternative Options First

If there was just one thing I could say to those just receiving the diagnosis of ulcerative colitis, I would tell them: “Explore alternative options before resigning to those god-awful side-effects-producing pharmaceutical drugs.”And make sure to learn the subject matter thoroughly.” Possibly begin to accept the possibility that the condition was produced as an imbalance of health, be it a deficiency of vitamins, minerals and nutrition. Use the symptoms as clues to how to restore that balance.Ulcerative Colitis

I found out that cow’s milk and wheat products consistently give me gassy diarrhea. It was a clue that my body doesn’t digest gluten and lactose very well. Well, when I would have the gassy diarrhea, I felt as if I was going to collapse right there, I thought that certainly, there was something severely wrong structurally with my colon, thought that perhaps it would burst open, and I would die a mess of blood and feces. However, I never thought that the cause was something as simple as dairy or wheat.

Don’t get too caught up in the symptoms. Even though certainly they feel awful as your body is cramped with pain, don’t view them as something you’ll have to infinitely endure; your fate is not sealed. The reason behind your symptoms may be simple, and thus manageable or even avoidable. If you suffer severe diarrhea and cramping, review what you ate prior to the attack. What was your emotional state? Were you nervous about something? I often get diarrhea before I have to make an important and daunting telephone call.

I didn’t make the connection for a while. Now, I tell myself, what do I have to lose? What am I actually nervous about? The other person on the line is just another human being, one who has bowel movements, eats, drinks, and will eventually die just like everybody else. I try to put things in perspective, instead of allowing my mind to run off with irrational thoughts that trick my stomach into reacting. Be mindful of the mind-gut connection.

Treating Ulcerative Colitis

Сompile a list of all of the symptoms, and make a daily chart of when they occur, what emotional state you were in, and what you’ve eaten before it. The next step is to start making broader connections, to start wondering why you got ulcerative colitis in the first place. I firmly believe that since I was raised on a diet of standard modern American foods and consistently ate foods that had things such as corn oil, high fructose corn syrup, white sugar, refined flours, etc., my body not only is flooded with additives, preservatives and other harmful substances, but is also lacking in the vital nutrients that it needs.

At first when I realized this, I thought “Oh great, I have approximately 18 years’ worth of damage to reverse”. However, within weeks of eating organic raw fruits and veggies, cutting back on meat, dairy (except for yogurt) and wheat products, my overall health improved significantly. It’s still improving.

I also drink only distilled water because it is absolutely neutral and doesn’t contain anything that can harm my body. I use my own home water distiller so this point doesn’t require much money. Of course, my diet isn’t perfect, but I do always keep these “ideal foods” in mind as I make choices throughout my day. These were just some things to consider before you feel overwhelmed with the diagnosis.