Contact Paper

Contact Paper and Its Many Uses

I remember growing up when contact paper was all the rage, but the strange thing is I don’t recall it ever being used. The only time I had used contact paper was when I had a stupid leaf assessment for science class. Only after I got a house of my own did I discover all the reasons contact paper was a rage.

Contact Paper

There are so many uses for contact paper, I thought I’d share some I’ve learned in my time.


  • Contact paper is great for covering books with. You can use clear to make sure the cover shows, or use a pattern to make it match anything you desire. It will help the book last longer.
  • Contact paper is great for wallpaper. My tiny downstairs bathroom I used marble contact paper to wallpaper it. I had purchased the contact paper on sale, and it was much cheaper then any wallpaper.Contact Paper Table
  • Contact paper is useful for ugly countertops, and simply wonderful for the splashguard too.
  • Contact paper can be used as a border, or for like my kitchen I cut out sunflowers from the contact paper, and used those to create my own border with.
  • Plain old front doors or even backdoors can be dressed up with contact paper. Don’t just use one pattern, mix it up a bit. Make your door appear as wooden with wood printed contact paper. From plain old steal, to wood in a matter of minutes with contact paper. (Be sure to read the tips section for another idea of style.)
  • If you have an ugly old refrigerator, or stove, you can use it on the sides of the stove and on the front of the refrigerator door. This spices up the room, and can even be changed with seasons should you wish to.
  • Contact paper can be used for covers/skins on your laptop.
  • Contact paper is great for kids too, like the previously mentioned leaf collection, you can make sun catchers too.
  • Another use for contact paper is placemats. Pick your theme or use it to seal in something with clear.
  • If you have ugly kitchen cabinets, throw some contact paper up.
  • Contact paper makes excellent shelf liners. Keeps your dishes clean, and when it’s time to do the yearly spring cleaning, wipes away dust in a flash.
  • Preserve old photos, death notices, kids projects, report cards, and more with clear contact paper. Be sure its totally sealed all the way around.
  • Create interesting window art with frosted contact paper.
  • Create window blinds to match small windows.
  • Cover old boxes like shoe boxes, or laundry soap boxes with contact paper, and fill with samples for a creative gift basket.
  • Cover any jar or can with contact paper to create a pencil holder.
  • Create a memory game with clear contact paper. Simply make the cards on your computer with images from, print them out and cover both sides. One side with a color the other side with clear.

Find various wooden patterns of contact paper and cut strips out. Use that as a cover for a dresser, or even half a wall as wallpaper.

  • Contact paper is sold nearly everywhere, from your local Giant Eagle, to Ebay, Wal-mart, Home Depot and
  • Using contact paper to decorate is an excellent idea, and cheap but can leave behind a sticky film when removed. Be sure to purchase Goo Gone.


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