Eco-Friendly and Green Product Choices for Mom and Baby 

Today I’d like to share some startling facts that you should be aware of when choosing cotton products.


Here are some true but frightening facts about American cotton that many people are not aware of:

  • 55 million pounds of pesticides are sprayed on cotton fields before it is harvested
  • Only 10% of the chemicals within cotton are completing any purpose. Studies have shown that these chemicals simply get into the air, water and plants of the earth and of course eventually into our skin and bodies.
  • It takes 1/3 of a pound of pesticides to create enough cotton for only one t-shirt

These facts are disturbing and frightening. Since you now know the dangers of non-organic cotton, you will never want to use anything but organic cottons again for your newborn baby.

However, in time, these facts and statistical studies are only going to increase and become more readily available as insect’s tolerance levels increases and the acres of cotton increases as well.


As you can imagine, there are enormous health risks as well as environmental risks and damage associated with the use of pesticides and harmful chemicals that we are told are only being used to “cleanse” the crops of harmful insects.

Although it can actually be more expensive to grow an organic crop today because of the greater care which must be taken in order to make sure the crop is not infected with insects or airborne diseases that pesticides would generally take care of, it is well worth it.

Many farmer’s are now being given more incentives to create all-natural organic crops. These organic crops are becoming a godsend since they’re actually reducing the side effects of chemicals and pesticides that escape into our air, the food we consume and the fabrics we place on our bodies.

If you are a new mother you now have a ton of options. Many retailers are readily selling organic towels and blankets for babies.

There are also more organic personal care product on the market simply because manufacturers have realized that we are becoming more educated about the environment and how important healthier products and ingredients are – not only for our health, but for the health of our families.

Good habits never die. Making healthier choices are becoming easier with the popularity of eco-friendly, green products. This is a simple choice which is becoming more and more affordable for not only new mothers, but the average individual. Healthier choices are a better choice.


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