Going Green with Eco Friendly Batteries

Eco friendly batteries are available for those who know how to spot them. Most battery producers will admit that there’s no such thing as truly eco friendly batteries, but they all agree we can go green by using rechargeable batteries. This article will give advice on eco friendly batteries and how to go green by using them.Eco Friendly Batteries

Let’s face it. We use batteries every day, for our TV remote controllers, or garage clickers, and most household appliances. Our children use batteries too, in their play toys and gadgets. But at the end of the day, when the batteries run dry, we throw them down the garbage. These disposed batteries, which contain many chemicals and even some content of heavy metals. They are not biodegradable and cannot even properly disposed of by incineration. They end up in landfills, their chemicals leaking and poisoning the land.

Rechargeable Batteries

The answer then, to have eco friendly batteries, is to use rechargeable. They may store less electricity per charge than a conventional alkaline battery, but their numerous charge cycles makes them ideal for those of us conscious to go green. According to Green Batteries, a good lithium ion rechargeable battery will last through hundreds Charge cycles before its ability to recharge diminishes.

When choosing rechargeable batteries, there are also some considerations to bear in mind. Not only should eco friendly batteries not harm the environment when they’re disposed of, they should also not harm the environment when they are manufactured. A key component to remember is that to go green, we must concentrate not only on the effects of our actions, but the effects of the actions of companies we support. You should only buy rechargeable batteries from eco friendly battery companies.

Eco Friendly Battery Habits

When you go green with eco friendly batteries, you should also change your battery disposal habits. Using rechargeable batteries only half solves the problem because they still need to be disposed of. Some eco friendly battery companies offer a recycling program for their used batteries. Consider locating the nearest used battery bin and depositing your spent batteries there. This is one way to go green by taking positive action. Alternatively, you can send your spent batteries for recycling via mail.


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