Five Great Eco-Friendly iPhone Applications

There are a lot of ways you can go green in the world to make the environment a healthier and safer place. When you think of environmentally friendly changes, you might not realize that this could include using technology to help out. If you are looking for a new way to go green this year, you might consider iPhone applications. Here are the top five iPhone applications that can help you go green and which will save you money and help the environment.

The Green Meter

The Green MeterThe Green Meter is a great application you can get for your iPhone that will enable you to become more environmentally friendly. This application tracks the fuel and power usage of your car and can help you determine how to maximize efficiency. The application will show you how you can change your driving habits, which will cut the cost and carbon footprint your vehicle leaves behind. One of the great things about the Green Meter application is that you do not have to have GPS in order to track your driving habits.

You can find this application at the iPhone Apps Store for 6 dollars and it is good for anyone looking to better their driving habits.

Get Green

Get Green is also a great iPhone application you could use this year to make yourself more environmentally friendly. This application is great because you receive a green tip everyday using a date-based system. This application will allow you to get tips for all areas of your life that you can change to become more environmentally friendly. You can also spread the word about each tip by emailing the messages you get to your friends or family. You can get this application at the iTunes store for one dollar and it really will come in handy for people looking to change their routine in order to be green.

Good Guide

Good GuideGood Guide can come in handy and it is free as well at the iTunes application store. This application can assist you on making green decisions while you are out and about. It is the mobile version of the Good Guide website, which rates and recommends products that are environmentally friendly.

If you want to buy a cleaning product for example, you can look on this application and see what products are environmentally friendly and where they rate on the recommendation scale. This is a great application for people who do not know much about environmentally products and do not want to waste their money on useless products.

The Green Lemur

The Green Lemur is also a great iPhone application to promote environmentally friendly habits. This application can guide you in living a greener lifestyle by promoting small changes in your daily life. You can get information about recipes or browse any topic using the database in the program. The tips and information are all easy to understand and it is all very well organized. This application can tell you about flowers or trees to plant for a cooler house in the summer or it can tell you how to use cards made from recycled paper.

This application for the iPhone is great for anyone looking for information on various aspects of going green and it is so easy to use that it is great for all ages. You can get this application at the iTunes store for free, which is also a plus.

3rd Whale Mobile

3rd Whale Mobile should also be on your list of green iPhone applications to consider this year. This application is location-based and it will connect you to all of the green businesses in your area. You can search within the six categories or browse by just location to see what your area has to offer. You can also select whether you are traveling by car, bike or foot to get the closest locations to your destination and traveling means. The application also will allow you to rate and review the businesses around your area while also providing directions on a business that you might not be familiar with.

This is a great application for those who are not familiar with what to look for in a green business or are unsure of surrounding areas. If you have just moved into a new city or state, this application will really help you get to know the green businesses around you. You can get this application in the iTunes store and it is free, which makes it a great choice for people on a budget.


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